Kailyn Lowry Has Every Right to Lash Out About Her Lip Ring

Kailyn LowryIt's no big secret that MTV's Teen Mom stars are fans of body piercings and tattoos. Between Maci Bookout's new ink and the beginnings of Kailyn Lowry's back tattoo in honor of her son Isaac, I can't keep up lately!

While Lowry may be stoked about her back ink, lately she's feeling not-so-fond of her lip ring. The MTV star spoke out on Twitter Friday, saying that "it's been like 4 years [and] I'm kinda over it." After getting a heavy slew of backlash about being a mom with a lip ring from her followers about her lip ring being "appropriate," the mom wrote back, "I don't care how many tattoos & piercings someone has. That DOES NOT determine what kind of parent he/she is."

I may not be a mom, but I'm with Kailyn on this one. The tattoos and the piercings you have are YOUR business and shouldn't affect anyone else.

On most occasions, tattoos and piercings are something you've thought long and hard about. You've decided that this is something you want. That's the key phrase: YOU. Whether it's a tattoo commemorating a lost loved one or a piercing you and your mom both got on a vacation to the Bahamas -- these are things that YOU have to live with. They're personal things. Things that mean something to YOU.

I can understand as a celebrity it's got to be super hard to constantly hear the criticism for your decisions. However, at one point or another, Kailyn knew that a lip ring was something SHE wanted. Plain and simple: Now, she doesn't want it. She's entitled to get rid of it. Does that mean that she won't take what people have to say to heart about her parenting skills? Of course not. But at least she can breathe easy knowing that she's making a decision that SHE wants.

Are you a fan of tattoos and piercings? Do you have a tattoo that means something special to you?


Image via MTV

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jessi... jessicasmom1

I totally agree what you do with your body is your business. I have 3 tattoos and that does not make me a different person

nonmember avatar Connie

I am with Kailyn on this one. I am a mom of 3 and I have piercings. 3 in each ear and 2 naval rings plus a tattoo on my back. Seriously if this is going to be the deciding factor on me being a fit parent that's really sad.

Lyndsay Beard

I have 3 tattoos and they all have a meaning behind them the one that I am the most proud of is on my left shoulder and it is my sons name and birthday. It is kind of funny because I have 2 more, 1 on both of my ankles and my son has never noticed them so they aren't hurting him or anyone else because my husband has 3 tats also and they don't bother my son either. No one has ever given my grief over them ever and they defiantly don't define who you are or how your parenting skills are. That is just a bunch of BS.

nonmember avatar Chelsea Ayn

I have tattoos & piercings & it doesn't reflect the kind of parent I am to my son. Just because you don't fit into the mommy-mold doesn't mean you're not a good mom. It means your different & are entitled to express yourself how YOU want to. KAILYN kicks ass anyways :-)

Sheena Astromowicz

honestly it shouldnt matter i had my tounge pierced that i got tired of and took out and also i have 3 tattoos and neither of these things have affected on what kind of mother i am to both my daughters they have everything they need and are healthy gorgouse lil girl so honestly people that want to speak negative should just be concerned about them self and get a life.or should we say cause they write such things there not a good mother they wouldnt like it so worry about urself point blank and period

shell... shellyplatz

I don't care for tattoos or piercings and would never have them. I find them unattractive but as long as I dont have to look at them I dont care. The thing about tattoos is like her piercing...she doesn't want it now...what if you decide you don't want the tattoos? I've heard its painful and a lot more expensive to remove them. I rather have a piece of art on my wall than my body. That's how I feel, what someone else wants to do doesn't have anything to do with me.

Shelby Mitchell

it doesnt matter if ur body is full of tats and piercing....its her body and if she wants it, thats her...thats whats wrong with ppl now days, all up in everybodys business but their own.....it doesnt matter...its just art and piercing.....ppl too damn nosey now days....k baby if u wanna go and get art all over ur body, it dont matter bc its YOUR BODY!! nobody has to live wit it but YOU!! so dont let some ppl that dont mean nothing to u, get to u! bc their plate probably aint clean either.....

Mrs.K... Mrs.Keelin

i have tattoos and piercings and I LOVE THEM... i cant wait to get more!!! dont know if i will get anymore piercings but thats just  because im not sure if theres anything else i want... I have 7 holes in each ear, my belly button, my lip, and my tongue to make a total of 17 piercing and i use to have both my eyebrows (at different times), the bottom of my belly button and another one in my ear that closed so that would have been 21... i have gotten 3 tattoos but now have 2 in total because i got one covered... i have a rose on my back with with mom in it and then i have my real dads birthday name and the day he died on my on for arm.. plan on getting one for all my kids and my step dad... maybe even more haha... guess im a mad person and mother... and you know what whoever thinks that can KISS MY ASS

Freela Freela

I agree that tattoos/piercings have nothing to do with your parenting abilities.  I have two tattoos and a third planned- all have meaning to me, I'm happy with all of them, and the oldest one I've had for fifteen years so I've had time to live with them!

nonmember avatar Amanda DeVasto

I have 8 tattoos and about 4 piercings plus 3 holes in each ear and honestly I don't see how anyone can say that they show how you raise your children. I have a daughter and yes I would not want her to go crazy like I did with them but my parents were very strict when I was growing up also, my tattoos are tastefully done. They are not obsecne or volguar nor are they something that my daughter can not look at. I feel that if you have them you can explain more easily to your children how permenate they are and show them that it is a decision that you really need to think about. Piercings leave scars just like tattoos leave perm. ink

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