Snooki’s Makeunder Shows She’s Ready for Motherhood


I know Snooki's feeling a little bullied recently, so let's all gather round her in her time of need and give this little firecracker a good ol' confidence boost, mmk? Maybe it's the weather or the fact that I had three shots of espresso, but my insides are just chanting, "Snooki! Snooki! Snooki!" over and over, like tireless tweens in a parade. Let's build her up instead of tearing her down! To that effect, I present to you Snooki's makeunder for V Magazine.

You may not have recognized her without the tan, the false eyelashes, or the shiny lip gloss, but that is, in fact, Snooki. What a stunner.


Snooki is the second Jersey Shore star to get a makeunder -- Sammi Sweetheart got one from XOJane a few months ago. Both ladies look so much better when they go natural, but I also get that I'm not really the target audience who finds the guidette style particularly attractive. I think it's ridiculous, which is part of the reason I'm so happy with the makeunders. You can actually see what Snooki looks like, and it's a wonderful surprise to discover she's really quite pretty.

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In the article she explains how she's ready to become a mom, and I think the accompanying photos are a great addition to that message. Going natural, calming down, settling into yourself, and getting in touch with your softer side is always beneficial before welcoming the beautiful chaos of a newborn into your life.

There won't be lots of spare time when her little bundle of joy arrives to flat iron hair extensions or spend hours in front of a mirror applying layers and layers of makeup. Seems like Snooks has embraced her organic, uncultivated beauty and kudos to her -- she looks gorgeous.

What do you think of Snooki's makeunder? Also, did you have to adjust your beauty routine when baby arrived?


Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty

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