Crochet Bathing Suits So Pretty You'll Want One Now

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crochet swimsuitMy love affair with crochet doesn't have to end when it comes to bathing suits. And just because it has holes all over it doesn't mean it can be properly sewn into a swimsuit to give you the right amount of coverage and support, and a whole lot of style. And yes, you can even swim in them.

Behold the Robin Piccone 'Penelope' Crochet Overlay One-Piece Swimsuit ($130) from Nordstrom perfectly named after my daughter. So cute, don't you think? The one-piece (I think my daughter is too, of course). And sure, it's expensive, so if you aren't prepared to splurge, I found some more crochet swimsuits, including a bikini, at a fraction of the cost.

This Mossimo Women's Crochet One-Piece Swimdress ($29.99) from Target is adorable and I love the color plum. It's modest and still very flattering and feminine.


Also from Target is the Halterkini Swim Top (22.99) shown with Crochet Hipster Swim Bottom (19.99). This coral is a great summertime color, but it also comes in red and black. This may be the perfect swimsuit for the active mama.

Crochet looks amazing in white as seen on the Elle Crochet Swim Separates ($28.99 for top and $28.99 for bottoms) from Kohl's. Plus, a white bikini? Really hot this season.

crochet bikini

Which crochet bathing suit is your favorite?

swimwear, spring/summer 2012


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jalaz77 jalaz77


the4m... the4mutts

I love them all! Much better than the clingy, show every dimple lycra that most suits are made from.

I will definately be looking into one this year :)

lalab... lalaboosh

I think I'll try making one from t shirt scraps! I'd forgotten how much I wanted one!

Stacey. Stacey.

I LOVE the first one, unfortunately I cant afford it lol, but its very pretty.

MsRkg MsRkg

They're cute but I can't see them holding up for a long period of time.

prinz... prinzesa_edith

Doesn't it stretch out after a while especially when they get wet

the4m... the4mutts

Prinzesa- I saw some at target that were lycra, with crochet over them. I think something like that would hold up pretty well :)

nonmember avatar anna kosturova

It's amazing what passes for crochet these days! None of the mentioned is crochet but rather crochet-like. These bathing suits are made of lycra jersey - a machine made knit to make it look like crochet. A far cry from actual crochet. Learn more here

Kediset Kediset

First one looks pretty good :)

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