10 Great Pairs of Cheap Sunglasses Under $20

sunglassesPeople always consider buying toilet paper, gummy bears, and mustard in bulk, but rarely do they consider purchasing one of summer's greatest necessities in large, bargain-priced quantities. Nope, not talking about relish (although I like where your head's at), I'm talking about sunglasses.

I'm of the belief that expensive sunglasses are for IDIOTS. I learned that lesson the hard way after I left hundreds of dollars worth of eye wear at the gym, at the pool, in the ocean, and on tops of cars that have been driven off. And if I'm being honest, I've also left 'em at a Popeyes or two. Pricey sunnies are not worth the money. Now, I solely buy cheap pairs and use 'em til I lose 'em. Even after all is said and done, I'll only have spent about $30 all summer, which is way better than $300.

So! To get the ball rolling, I've pulled 10 awesome pairs of shades under $20 that you should buy asap.

Photo via pink sherbert photography/Flickr

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