Beyonce’s Skin-Baring Ball Gown Was Surprisingly Classy (VIDEO)

beyonceIf Beyonce was out to prove that she's got her pre-baby body back after having little Blue Ivy, then she definitely achieved her goal at the 2012 Metropolitan Museum Gala in New York City. Check out this sheer, lacy, floor-length gown that made Beyonce look -- well, half-naked. Isn't she absolutely stunning?

There aren't too many women who could pull off showing that much skin while still maintaining a classy vibe -- but somehow Bey managed the contrast perfectly. But after examining another photo of her that shows the Givenchy Haute Couture dress more close-up -- I noticed she had a "secret" to help keep everything in its place, so to speak.


While it looks like there is nothing between her skin and the patches of lace on the gown, there is actually a thin layer of flesh colored material covering her mid-section. Aww -- leave it to Bey to figure out a way to put the perfect mom twist on her look and keep it classy as a great example for her daughter!

And picking out the perfect attire for any occasion isn't the only beauty tip Beyonce will be able to pass onto her little girl as she grows up. Would you believe she even does her own makeup and cuts her own hair? I'm with her on the makeup thing for sure, but the hair? No, thanks. (I tried cutting my son's hair once and that was nothing short of a disaster, so I can't even imagine taking a pair of scissors to my own.)

But regardless of just how gorgeous Beyonce's dress was, it's pretty obvious that welcoming her adorable baby into the world has made her feel even more confident and beautiful. Being a mom definitely suits her!

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about Beyonce's views on what makes a woman beautiful.

Would you dare to wear a revealing dress like Beyonce's?

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