'World's Ugliest Woman' Provides Amazing Example of Real Beauty

Lizzie VelasquezIt's amazing really how cruel people can be, and the anonymity of the Internet just gives cowards another avenue with a screen to hide behind and spew all sorts of hate. But as 22-year-old Lizzie Velasquez beautifully shows, we don't have to let them win.

In high school, Velasquez, who suffers from an undiagnosed condition that doesn't allow her body to store fat or build muscle, was labeled "The World's Ugliest Woman" on YouTube. To date, the video that gave her the title has been viewed by more than 4 million people, and the vile comments would cripple most people -- but not Lizzie. Instead of letting words like those and the other hateful ones she has heard her entire life keep her down, she has instead used them to fuel her determination.

In a recently released video, she says that while every day is a struggle and she initially wanted to make cruel people feel as low as she did, she decided to fight back in a different way -- by accomplishing her own dreams. Today she works as a motivational speaker and author, with her second book titled, "Be Beautiful, Be You" due out in October. In a couple of months she graduates from college. In the video, she concludes:

In the battle between the World's Ugliest Woman video vs. me ... I think I won.

I think so, indeed; and I can't imagine a better example of true beauty. Watch her amazing story here, and I promise you'll think twice the next time you let a bad hair day or a couple of pimples get you down.


Do you find Lizzie Velasquez's story inspirational?


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linzemae linzemae

I can't believe people would say that to another person. How can we expect kids to not bully when their parents just do it on the internet! We are taught that beauty is on the inside but Damn can people be cruel. It just sickens me.

orang... orangetree

You're AWESOME Lizzie!!!

MyMommy MyMommy

I couldn't have said it better linzemae!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Everyone is beautiful in there own way. Haters gonna hate. This lady's pretty awesome. She has lovely hair, by the way :)

xanth... xanthian41691

It's so admirable that she took bettering herself to get revenge than to point out all the haters and try and just get attention =] Love this lady!

Boobo... Boobookittt74

I believe while no one person is universally appealing to everyone else! Just as no one is universally UN appealing! EVERYONE is beautiful to SOMEone in the world!

Boobo... Boobookittt74

And btw even if someone does find her "ugly" it's so mean and nasty to just put that out there like that. Especially if its due to a disability that makes them all the nastier and some of the most "beautiful" people can be the ugliest people of all in their hearts

Susie19 Susie19

Her personality makes her beautiful to me.  :)

Danim... Danimals823

Honestly I've seen worse looking people. Even if she was the most unattractive people have no right to say such things. Honestly how the hell did people get so corrupted? I'm 22 and I am ASHAMED to be part of this generation. To tell a woman to put a gun to her head because she's ugly to you? I wish someone would make you feel the need to shoot yourself. She should put a gun to her head for ugliness? Ugh. You don't know how bad I'd like to stab scissors in your eyes so you'd never know true beauty again.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

You're awesome Lizzie. Most people can't accomplish the goals you've set for yourself in a lifetime, let alone a few short years. You are inspirational to so many people, and change lives for the better. THAT is what counts in the end, the amount of good we can do in the world. Keep up with your courageous spirit and know that there are lots of people cheering you on and supporting you <3

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