'DWTS' Katherine Jenkins' See-Through Dress Doesn't Deserve a Perfect Score

katherine jenkinsNobody really had a clue who she was a few weeks ago, and now Katherine Jenkins has taken over the spotlight and made America fall in love with her on Dancing With the Stars. And honestly, what's not to love? She's poised, sweet as sugar, one heck of a good dancer, and it's kind of hard to ignore just how gorgeous she is.

Even though she acts all humble on the show, it's pretty obvious that she's very confident in her own skin, and she knows she looks good. And that's probably why she wasn't afraid to take a huge fashion risk by wearing this sheer black dress to "An Evening With Piers Morgan" at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.


I can't decide what exactly is going on with this dress. Don't get me wrong, Katherine looks stunning, but is that a white slip she's wearing underneath -- or is that Spanx?! (As if!) Or maybe that's just part of the dress and it's supposed to look that way?

Every time I look at the photo, I come up with one of those three scenarios, but I can't quite figure out exactly which one is true. My best guess is that this is a built-in part of the dress, because I'd hope that if she were going to wear Spanx or a slip, she'd choose black instead of white so it wouldn't look so awkward. I seriously doubt she'd want everyone being able to see her undergarments in plain sight.

Katherine honestly couldn't look bad if she tried, but next time she has a red carpet event, she may want to think twice about going the sheer route. It's always a risk -- and it's not often one that pays off.

Are you a fan of sheer clothing?

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Image via Splash

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