Beyonce’s New Mom Beauty Tricks Are Real Time-Savers

beyonceMotherhood really seems to have changed Beyonce. One of the most glamorous women in the world has admitted to People magazine that before heading to the maternity ward, she was all about looking her best -- she got her nails and her hair done before delivery. But! After baby Blue Ivy arrived, Bey says that her beauty routine got a make-under. The 30-year-old star says she cuts her own hair and does her own makeup.

If you're apt to believe her, and you're not suspicious at all that this is some big P.R. push to make Beyonce seem like "one of us", then wow, Beyonce seems like one of the most down to earth moms ever.


She told People that she gave herself a trim, "I just parted it in the middle and chh-chh-chh" and says that "I have embraced my flaws, and I feel more confident."

I mean, I thought Beyonce wore wigs, or weaves, or whatever, but I guess the new mama is going natural these days. I have to admit that I'm a little, teensy-bit skeptical that Beyonce cuts her own hair and does her own makeup, but hey, I guess even superstars can't escape the tempting beauty short-cuts of a first time mom. Even though she has a glam team at her disposal, nothing's quicker or easier than a little DIY haircut. It's risky, but it's a time saver.

The World's Most Beautiful Woman may be a bagillionaire, but she has the same beauty instincts as most exhausted new parents -- the path of least resistance is the only path worth taking. 

When you were a new mom, what was your hair and makeup routine like?


Photo via Hollywood PR/Flickr

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