Ann Taylor Re-Names Dress After My Post on 'The Stir'!

Ann TaylorBack in November when Newt Gingrich was briefly number one in voter polls, I moderated a CafeMom event with him and a room full of moms. A quick recap: Newt cried, every major media outlet caught it on video, and it made headlines around the world.

The question everyone had for me afterward was this: "Where did you GET that dress?"

I wrote about the dress here on The Stir. It was called the 3/4 Sleeve Side Tie Dress, and it was from Ann Taylor. But, as I wrote, "I have actually dubbed this dress The Miracle Dress."

And, as you'll see after the jump, it looks like Ann Taylor has done the same.


Ann Taylor

Yup. That's my Miracle Dress. It's back ... and more expensive than ever. Because miracles cost money, yo!

Ann Taylor's PR team actually wrote to me after my initial post on The Stir. They were very excited about the post and they said they were already thinking of more ways to spotlight this so-called "Miracle Dress."

Well, I guess that happened.

I would have loved it if they'd told me that they were planning on renaming this dress based on my post, as opposed to finding it while looking at dresses online this morning. But I'm sure they're very busy right now selling this dress to thousands of women who are eager for a miracle to call their very own.

At any rate, friends at Ann Taylor, I have to agree that "Ann Taylor Miracle Dress" is a far catchier title than "3/4 Sleeve Side Tie Knit Dress."

If you need help naming dresses in the future, you know where to find me.

What do you make of this?

EDITED TO ADD: Ann Taylor has informed me that the $89.88 price of the original dress was actually the sale price. The retail price was $128, therefore the "Miracle Dress," with shorter sleeves, is actually $10 cheaper.


Screengrabs via Ann Taylor

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