Snooki’s Hairy Situation Needs a Fix

Snooki and J. Woww in New York City

Nothing like a little shopping trip with your bestie to end a great weekend, right? Momma-to-be Snooki and J. Woww pranced around New York City together yesterday. As much as I admire their A-class friendship and CAN'T wait for their new spinoff, I've just gotta come out and say it: Snooki, that hair is pretty rough. Woof.

I know I know, it's extensions. Yes, they're removable and in the long term -- that makes them super convenient. But I've gotta say it: Is there such a thing as TOO long tresses!? Snooki's ends look fried! From one long hair lover to another, I'm thinking the answer to that question is Y-E-S.


I've had long hair forever. I adore it. It's part of my female security blanket and makes me feel sexy. But if you're a fan of long hair, then you've most definitely been at a point where you think it's too long and know it's time for a trim. The ends are dead, it's looking a little dull, that sort of thing.

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Snooki looks like she's WELL past that point. And come on, you've gotta admit -- doesn't hair that long get in the way? Heck, part of me thinks that even pulling it back wouldn't change how warm it is under all those strands. Can you imagine how heavy of a ponytail that all amounts to? AND! Children like to grab onto things. What happens when her baby meatball pops out and reaches for her locks! Ouchers!

Sorry Snooks -- I adore you and all of your fist-pumping antics; however, I think it's time for a trim. I promise, it's for the best.

What do you think of Snooki's look? Are you a fan of long hair?


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