Snow White Gets a Tattoo

Snow White

Since I know that more than a few of you out there loves you some body art, I couldn't resist showing you this photo.

My family went to Walt Disney World several weeks ago and at Magic Kingdom, we spotted Snow White.

But it appeared that Disney's oldest princess had gotten a new look in order to stay current with the times.

Check out that massive tat on her back!

Sure it's impressive from a distance, but wait 'til you see it up close ...



Snow White TattooUm, y'all?


I mean, seriously. It's about the most elaborate tattoo I've ever seen in person. Top it off with a Snow White dress and, well, that's a memory in the making.

I can't even imagine the pain poor Snow endured having this done on her back. And I'm so curious about the story behind it. Who designed this tattoo? What's it's signficance?

And were the dwarves' feeling hurt that she didn't include them somewhere in the picture?

I seriously can't stop STARING at this tattoo. It fascinates me!

One of my favorite things about Disney is people watching -- Disney fans choose some pretty crazy costumes when they visit their favorite spot in the world.

But I think that Tattooed Snow White might have just taken the cake ...

What do you think? Have you ever seen a more elaborate tattoo in person?


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