Ann Romney's Mega-Expensive Top Is for the Birds

Ann RomneyI think Ann Romney is very pretty and usually nicely dressed.

That's why I was stunned to see her turn up on CBS This Morning in this bird-emblazoned top.

And I was even more surprised to learn how much it cost.


According to New York Magazine's style blog, the top was designed by Reed Krakow and retails for $990.

No, not $9.90. Not even $99.90.


This seems like a major campaign misstep, if you ask me. We all know the Romneys are wealthy and that it's been sort of a challenge for them to convince voters that Mitt can identify with the average American. Why call attention to the money issue with a fugly "NOTICE ME!" $990 top?!

The price might make a little more sense (for a millionaire, anyway) if she were wearing a tailored suit. But the top looks like a t-shirt she picked up on Amazon. I mean, what's next for Ann? Three Wolf Moon?!

At least it would cost far less...

The Cut reports that Reed Krakow has stated that they did not send her the top -- and said that she probably bought it herself either at Saks Fifth Avenue or Barney's. Her campaign says that she doesn't use a stylist ...

Well if you need someone, Ann, I'd be happy to help out.

Check out a slideshow of Ann Romney's campaign fashion on the New York Magazine blog.

And in the meantime, what do you think of Ann Romney's bird shirt?


Image via CBS This Morning

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