6 Girly 'Star Wars' Looks Die-Hard Fans Will Love (PHOTOS)

Sheri Reed | May 4, 2012 Beauty & Style
6 Girly 'Star Wars' Looks Die-Hard Fans Will Love (PHOTOS)

r2-d2 skirt star wars dressMay the 4th is "May the Force Be With You" day -- otherwise known as Star Wars Day -- although some purists only celebrate on May 25, which was named Star Wars Day by Los Angeles County to commemorate the original movie premiere date for Star Wars. In any case, whether you celebrate Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, Darth, and all the rest today or later in the month, the beloved galactic series has its very own day, and that's reason to get gussied up in your best geekery.

So what are you going to wear to all the Star Wars Day festivities? We have some out-of-this-world ideas. Take a look!

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  • 'Star Wars' Dress


    Oh, the Force is totally with you in this Strapless 'Star Wars' Dress ($65; Etsy).

  • 'Empire Strikes Back' Dress


    Rock the rebellion in this Upcycled 'Empire Strikes Back' Dress ($150; Etsy).

  • 'Return of the Jedi' Hood


    Any confident Star Wars fan could pull of this Ewok-Inspired Hood ($35; Etsy).

  • Gundark T-shirt


    Perfect, uplifting Gundark T-shirt for those "attacked by a Wampa"-feeling days ($23.50; Etsy).

  • Nerf Herder T-Shirt


    Celebrate Princess Leia's most awesome dig in this Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder T-Shirt (£19.97 GBP; Etsy).

  • R2-D2 Skirt


    You'll be the droid of the ball in this lovely R2-D2 skirt ($64.99; Etsy).

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