‘Glee’ Golden Girl Emma Deserves a Divalicious Wedding Dress

Emma and Will's Wedding on 'Glee'

I cannot believe another season of Glee is almost over. It's even harder to comprehend how MUCH is going to happen before the end of season three. Heck, kids will be graduating all over the place, tears will be streaming. MORE exciting, though: Emma and Will's big May wedding! Actress Jayma Mays, who plays Will's bride-to-be on the hit show, recently told People about what she envisions for her character's wedding dress.

"Emma is a very simple girl," Mays said. "So it has to be clean, and it needs to be simple."

Yeah yeah I get it. As a bride, you don't want to feel unlike yourself on your big day. But heck, this is just that -- Emma's BIG day. She deserves to be the belle of the ball! You don't have to be "simple" because that's what you're known for! Am I right?


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I know we're talking about two fictional characters here. However, fiction or not -- a woman only (ideally) gets married once. Emma should wear whatever SHE wants to wear, not what people expect of her. Heck, if she dreams of a ballgown, I say go for it! Emma's may be simplistic, but she's also got an AMAZING figure. What better day to show that off than on her wedding day?

Heck, I could totally see Emma in a princess over-the-top pooftastic gown. OR, wouldn't it make for an even funnier plot line if she went for something sexy knowing that her and Will's wedding night is the first time they'll do the deed?! I say why not. Emma, get down with ya bad self!

What sort of dress do you think Emma will wear at her wedding? What was your wedding dress like?


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