‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Overshares About New Fake Breasts

jenelle evansWhat do you do if you're 20 years old, have been in and out of jail, have made terrible choices in your personal life, have received a chunk of change from MTV, and have a toddler at home? Forget paying for counseling, or putting money away for your child's education, or paying for your own schooling, you get breast implants, of course! Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame was spotted with that time-suck of a boyfriend, Kieffer, walking into a Wilmington, N.C. facility where she was getting her boobs done.

Lest you missed a moment of the action, Jenelle took to Facebook after her plastic surgery, saying she just got her "boobies finished :)" and went on to complain that recovering from implants is more painful than recovering from birth.

I guess Jenelle wants to keep us a breast of her situation because she's really excited that she's now a full C cup. She wants us to know that they're fake, and they're spectacular. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we're all over the moon that Jenelle will now look "better" in a bikini and that she'll be able to look "sexier" in her Aeropostale tank tops.

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I hate to see the young Teen Moms go under the knife for elective plastic surgery -- Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout also increased their bust sizes. I know they're getting fatty checks from MTV, but it should be in their contract somewhere that they can't get plastic surgery. They're too young! They need more time to grow up and realize that 500 ccs isn't going to make you more confident in the long run. It's a temporary and superficial fix.

They also need more time to realize that money isn't always going to rain in like it's doing now. Soon they're going to be 25 and "washed up" by reality TV standards ... and then what? They'll have huge boobs, a kid or two, and an empty bank account.

Aaaanyway, the point is that Jenelle's got big, fake breasts and she's thrilled. Hooray.

What do you think about some of the Teen Moms' decisions to get breast implants?


Photo via PBandJenelly1/Twitter

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Sierr... SierraLynn

I didn't know maci got one, but Farrah did to help her modeling carrer. Im not 100% certianly but I though she had set up a payment plan and paying for it herself. I could be mistaken though.

But mtv cannot stipulate what their paychecks will be for. We can only hope that these girls use their better common sense and save or invest it.

Jenelle is a walking train wreck, we all know this. And it is a little sad to see her waste money on something that probably won't benefit her in the least.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

I think its SAD that grown women of facebook, and probably this site too (waaait for it..) feel the need to BULLY someone online that they have never met.

This chunk of money is not the only chunk of money Jenelle has recieved, who knows if she has a bunch saved up, who knows if Jace has a savings account?


Blame MTV for encouraging bad behavior for paying EXTRA for it.  They love the drama, it helps them get ratings, Jenelle could be completely opposite than how she acts on tv and social media sites IN REAL LIFE.

but we don't know, because again, we don't know her.

so WHO CARES? it's her life.


Breast implants cost around 5,000 plus fee's mine cost 10,000 which is NOTHING out of the money MTV has payed her, and will pay her in the final season.

Jenelle obviously makes some pretty immature choices, but why do we care so much that we let if effect our emotions and actually get legit mad over it? 


I'm sorry but enough is enough.


I do watch teen mom, but Ive never been a big fan of Jenelle, or ANY of the other teen moms except Caitlyn and Tyler because they made the most unselfish mature choice anyone could make and delt with the pain after words, they were brave, and that is awesome!

other than that, teen mom can suck it!

I don't care.

why should we? 

mommy... mommy2annaliese

Also, she has said she set up a payment plan instead of paying it all at once.


nikol... nikolita87

It's her choice, but seeing as how she isn't the queen of making good decisions, it's not surprising that she's being judged for it.  Not every woman who has cosmetic surgery is selfish and irresponsible, but I just hope that she's at least setting aside some of the money she's earning for her son.

Jennifer Brackett Toby Robertson

i guess its her business if she wants to but i think its a joke..especially seeing how she acted on the show..mtv paid her for nothing..its suppose to be about taking care of your child at a young age and all the complications that go with it but she just got to walk out the door at anytime and do nothing and still get paid for the show! now shes reaping the benefits..i dont know who more to be angry w but wheres the pics of her child and how excited she is about an accomplishment jace made..NOT HER!!!

Dana Lee

I think what she does with her money is her business! Like someone else said, MTV probably does encourage her insanity for ratings and we don't personally know her! A friend of mine and I had the pleasure of meeting her at a concert last year and guess what? She was polite and gracious! She stood there and took pics with ALL of us who wanted one and was nice the entire time! she also looked happy, healthy, and gorgeous. Geez maybe if everyone would get off her nuts she could make some positive changes...if she wants to enhance her body, that is her choice! don't hate just because you got knocked up young and unfortunately you weren't lucky enough to get on tv for it and get PAID. haters.

nonmember avatar saydee

I think breast implants cost well over $10,000... so why is she WASTING her money, when it could be used on a PLACE OF HER OWN and on HER son!

Shelby Lovelle Burr

Ohkay, I see nothing wrong with this.You can not tell them how they can spend their money! I'm pretty sure they are not gunna be broke. Farrah models makes lots of money with that. The media just needs to mind their own business. Maybe your just jealous because you don't have the money to go get something you want!

Kacey Perry-Brandt

whether or not a payment plan was set up, drs require a payment amount upfront before the payment plan starts. Still not worth the waste just to impress her crappy loser boytoy. And how is she making payments with no job? The money her son could be getting since he is the reason shes even on this stupid show. Dispicable.

Brianna Kateese Conlee

when should she get implants whne shes 60? this is a dumb article. farrah got a loan for her boobs for one and is actually successful. maci is doing well for herself too and janelle is setting up a plan for after teen mom too. you only hear about the bad choices. read about what janelle is do RIGHT, the teen mom season is from a year ago abd janelle has done a lot in the past year

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