10 Beauty Hacks That Save Every Woman Time (And Money)

putting on makeupI was standing at the cash register of a certain well-known beauty store (ahem, rhymes with Ignore-a) a few weeks ago when I got the total. Ouch! For that I could outfit a small child for a week.

Researchers have found that women tend to spend more on their beauty products than they do on their health. I'm obviously as guilty as any of them, but I've decided that's enough. No more killing my wallet with beauty products. I have embraced the world of DIY, or beauty hacks. And here are some of the best out there ... they'll save you time in a pinch (you have no idea how much is hiding in your kitchen!) and, more importantly, money! Check out the 10 beauty hacks every woman needs to know!

OK, go ahead, add them here. What is your favorite beauty hack?


Image via eflon/Flickr

  • Makeup Remover Hack


    Ran out of makeup remover? Don't go to bed with eyeshadow that will stain your pillow. Throw a little moisturizer on a Q-Tip, and it does the same thing. Bonus: you already know how your face will react. Other quick replacements? Olive oil or baby shampoo does the same job.

  • Acne Busting Hack


    Tired of spending money on acne fighting remedies that don't do much more than dry out your skin? Try changing your pillowcase more frequently (to save from doing it every night, use the case one night, then flip over the next night, turn it inside out on night three, and so on).

    It's cheap, and you won't be rubbing your face in the same oils from your face and hair over and over.

  • Lotion Hack


    Are you spending way too much money on lotions to put moisture back in your skin? Stop!

    Coconut oil does the same thing. Plus, you can cook with it!

  • Body Wax Hack


    You can pay for fancy waxes. Or you can mix 2 cups of good old-fashioned sugar with 1/4 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup water then throw it in the microwave until it's got a thick consistency and a caramel color (about 4 minutes, although you may have to stop after 2 to mix the ingredients).

  • Face Mask Hack


    No expensive face mask? Try spreading raw honey on your face and allowing it to sit for about 15 minutes. A great moisturizer, it also has the anti-oxidants present in nature because it hasn't been pasteurized ... and they're going straight into your skin.

  • Face Toner Hack


    Run out of your favorite toner? Brew some green tea, add a spritz of lemon and a bit of fresh mint (optional, but it helps fight acne), then stow in the fridge. Poured into a spritzer bottle, you have a new toner at a fraction of the price.

  • Hair Dye Hack


    Opt out on expensive and toxic hair dyes and go all natural with your favorite tea! Here's a handy guide to type and the color it will bring out in your locks.

  • Foot Exfoliating Hack


    Oh flip-flop season! So much fun. So many calluses. If you've run out of your favorite foot scrub, hit the kitchen and grab a potato. Slice it in half, dip in sea salt, and you have a hacked pumice stone. Now get scrubbing!

  • Face Cleanser Hack


    There's nothing like running out of your favorite face wash and walking around feeling like your face is grimy all day. But 1 tablespoon of powered milk and your tapwater can make a paste that does the same job.

  • Shaving Hack


    I haven't used expensive shaving lotion in years ... not since I heard a tip on (of all places) Regis & Kelly about using conditioner. I buy the cheap stuff -- something thick, like a Pantene knock-off works best ... and it doubles as a moisturizer for the skin, so I don't need to spend as much on lotion.

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