10 Beauty Hacks That Save Every Woman Time (And Money)

putting on makeupI was standing at the cash register of a certain well-known beauty store (ahem, rhymes with Ignore-a) a few weeks ago when I got the total. Ouch! For that I could outfit a small child for a week.

Researchers have found that women tend to spend more on their beauty products than they do on their health. I'm obviously as guilty as any of them, but I've decided that's enough. No more killing my wallet with beauty products. I have embraced the world of DIY, or beauty hacks. And here are some of the best out there ... they'll save you time in a pinch (you have no idea how much is hiding in your kitchen!) and, more importantly, money! Check out the 10 beauty hacks every woman needs to know!


OK, go ahead, add them here. What is your favorite beauty hack?


Image via eflon/Flickr

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