Heather Morris' Socks With Sandals Look Silly But We've All Been There

Heather MorrisHeather Morris is one of my top two faves on Glee. Mostly because, heck, girl can REALLY shake it. Hell, did you see her in the Britney episode? Amazeballs. However, as much as I adore her and her unreal body roll abilities -- I'm a little confused by her sense of style. The 25-year-old Cheerio stepped out on the red carpet last night in North Hollywood wearing an interesting ensemble, to say the least.

I don't know where to start. Between the black ankle socks with the heeled wooden lace-up wedges and the corset-ish top over the pink ruffed tank ... it's all just so obscure and hippie-chic. But I mean, we can't be too hard on her. Hell, by the looks of things, she had a whole lotta fun wearing the wacky ensemble. Now that I think of it, I feel like Heather's been rockin' a whole slew of out-of-the box looks lately.

Sigh. Really, who CAN'T say they've had a weird fashion phase? Hell, I know I have.


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For me, my "what the hell was she thinking" phase was in between senior year of high school and freshman year of college. All of my friends were shopping at Urban Outfitters and I was brainwashed to think that every single thing in the store was 100 percent COOL and worth buying. FYI: To this day I love Urban, but I do NOT look good in puke colored yellow and am not designed to wear teeny little midriff baring tanks.

I find that often, we act out in our fashion choices because of something that we're going through in life. Who knows, maybe Heather is feeling suppressed emotionally, and she's expressing it through her wild looks. Or, maybe she's just really channeling her ditsy Glee character through and through on the red carpet. Either way, yes -- the look is funny, but hey, at least she's still smiling.

What do you think of Heather's red carpet look? Did you have a "what the hell was she thinking" phase?


Image via Steve Granitz/Getty Images

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