Finally There’s a $750 Purse That Has a Pocket Specifically for Snack Bars

special k purseI think all the sunshine has gone to their heads Down Under, because in no way does this make any sense whatsoever. An Australian fashion designer, Kirrily Johnston, and cereal company Kellogg's teamed up to make one helluva purse. Red velvet with a leather tassel, the bag has a special pocket where women can keep their healthy snacks, like, say, a Kellogg's cereal bar, and the bag is supposed to help ladies remember to snack responsibly. The real kicker is that it was displayed at Australia's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (what!?) and that it retails for $750 (what?!?!).

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought that a $750 purse with a special pocket for a protein bar was what was missing from your life?


This is possibly the worst integrated marketing campaign I have ever seen. Bags are supposed to be sexy status symbols that serve some sort of functionality -- this is just an ugly Santa sack reject with a hole on the outside for a snack made out of Special K, corn syrup, and flavored fruit pieces. Blech.special k purse

A marketing manager at Kellogg's feels differently, though. He defends their product, saying:

[We decided to] call upon one of Australia’s leading fashion designers Kirrily Johnston to create a bag that women will not only love but that will also act as a reminder for them to prepare for the right kind of snack every day.

If I carried this bag, all I'd be reminded of is that I'm an idiot who can't manage her money or her mid-day nibbles. I wouldn't feel good and I wouldn't feel confident and I wouldn't look at my bag and say to myself, Hey! I'm going to eat healthier today since I'm wearing this hideous handbag.

And the fact that they go so overboard saying that it's got a special place to hold your snack bars is just hilare. It's an overpriced purse with a pocket, for crying out loud. When did pockets become so special?

Finally, to add insult to injury, I should inform you that the bag does not come with its own Special K cereal bar. Face.

What do you think of this purse?


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