Women Who Get Plastic Surgery on Their Feet Need Serious Help

christian louboutinJust when we thought we'd heard it all as far as wacky plastic surgery procedures go, the growing trend of women getting "foot jobs" has us shaking our heads. Apparently some ladies just aren't willing to give up their favorite pair of high heels -- even if it means having to alter their feet in order to fit into them. Wait a minute -- didn't Cinderella teach us anything when we were little girls? If the shoe doesn't fit, then you probably shouldn't be wearing it?

These foot procedures, which have affectionately been dubbed "Loub Jobs," after famous heel designer Christian Louboutin, involve getting dermal fillers injected into the heels, balls of the feet, or even the toe pads. And oh yeah -- some women are even getting full blown "toe tucks" (actually having the sides of their pinkie toes shaved down) in order to cram their feet into trendy heels. (What the heck?)

Am I the only one who finds this idea really extreme, not to mention pretty creepy and gross?


It sounds kind of similar to the old Chinese tradition of hobbling feet in order to make them smaller than they are to fit into little shoes. (You know, because tiny feet are just way more attractive and sexy on a woman than big ol' clunkers.)

I guess I can sort of understand why more and more women are seeking a little help to adjust the comfort factor of mile-high stilettos. But resorting to plastic surgery just to be able to walk in your shoes? Really? Believe it or not, there are these magic little things called gel inserts that you can pick up in any drug store, and they're a whole lot less pricey than heading to a surgeon.

And honestly, if there are so many women having such a huge problem wearing heels these days, then what does that say about the health factor of wearing them in the first place? They are very stylish and make your legs look smokin' hot, but plenty of physicians agree that heels just aren't good for your feet. Kicking them off for good and switching to flats is a great alternative to surgery, especially since there are so many cute styles on store shelves right now.

Would you ever consider getting a "Loub Job"?


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