EXTREME High-Waisted Pants: Would You Wear Them?

ShopbopAnd you thought mom jeans were high-waisted ...

MTV's Style blog points out a pair of Viktor & Rolf pants that are so extremely high-waisted, they eliminate the need for a shirt altogether!

Now that's what I call versatile!

With these EXTREME high-waisted pants, you can tell the world that shirts are sooooo 2011.

Alternatively, you can send the world a message that you shacked up with a giant last night.

But pants this EXTREME come with an EXTREME price tag ...

They will set you back a cool $1,046.50 if you buy them from Shopbop. (Which insists on calling these pants a "jumpsuit." Whatevs.)

The good news? They're 30 percent off! You are SAVING $450 by buying these pants! Now how can you say no?

I can picture you wearing these to the office, to show your co-workers who wears the pants around there!

Or you could wear them to your kid's next PTA meeting. Let those parents know in no uncertain terms WHO'S BOSS!

Or how about wearing them on a first date? Tell your prospective suitor that you're both in charge and extremely bizarre -- without saying a single word.

And if you're worried about getting these white pants dirty, never fear:

They also come in black!

EXTREME high-waisted pants. I do believe I am a fan ...

How about you?


Image via Shopbop

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nonmember avatar B

I think I saw someone wearing something like this on "peopleofwalmart.com" except she was 70 and weighed 250 pounds... and they were jogging pants. Heck no!!

J-Ale... J-AlexMom

I love these!! No way I would spend that kinda money on one pair of "pants" but if they were in my price point, I'd definitely have them, no doubt...

Melis... Melissa042807

The entire fashion industry just needs to let the whole jumpsuit thing go....I haven't worn a jumpsuit since I was a toddler. And I don't intend to wear one in adulthood. Unless I go skydiving again. Because I actually looked cute in that kind of jumpsuit. :-) 

nonmember avatar Katherine


nonmember avatar teenage dream

They're just fancy overalls without straps...

momav... momavanessa

That is ugly and the price makes me wanna gag!!

femal... femaleMIKE

LMAO,  YAY! No more thong or butt cracks showing.

this really made me crack up.  I don't like them but they are better then the saggy low waisted skinny jeans.

MsBatman MsBatman

Why are the pockets so, well, low? On all my pants my pockets are much closer to the belt... just a question

the4m... the4mutts


When you have to pee, you have to pee naked?

Those kinds of outfits don't work with bras, or panty-lines. So no underroos for y'all!

Then while you're makin yourself a star of people of walmart.com, you get to go into the public bathroom, strip nude, and pee on the petri dish of infectious disease that is walmarts toilets.

Have fun!

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