Rihanna’s Wet Bikini Photos Remind Us What NOT to Wear to the Beach (VIDEO)

rihannaSome celebs are probably mortified when the paparazzi take pictures of them in a skimpy bathing suit on the beach, but Rihanna was more than a little confident sporting a bikini in Hawaii. Instead of trying to cover up her body and hiding from photographers, she invited them into the water with her so they could obtain close-up shots of her rockin' figure.

And judging from this shot of her that was taken on a different trip to Barbados, I can't say that I blame her for wanting to flaunt what she's got. Rock-hard abs like that are definitely something to be proud of.


But even those of us who aren't celebs and don't necessarily have picture perfect bikini bodies can stand to learn something from Rihanna's boldness in the ocean. And no, I'm not talking about being happy with your body the way it is and celebrating your sexiness at any size (though that kind of self-acceptance is importance and should be encouraged).

I'm referring to taking your confidence level and comfort in whatever you choose to wear on the beach this summer into consideration before pulling out the string bikini you wore on your honeymoon. I'll admit it -- I've got a whole drawer full of tiny two pieces upstairs that I cling to in the hopes that I'll magically wake up one day with the body I had when I was 26 years old. You know, the one that hasn't been through pregnancy, childbirth, and doesn't somewhat resemble a huge golf ball. But the older I get, the more I realize that's just never gonna happen.

I love bikinis. I really do. And I've worn them every single summer up until this point in my life. And while they give me a great tan and keep me nice and cool on hot days, I constantly worry about my appearance when I wear them. When I should be sitting in the sand building castles and having fun with my son, I instead refuse to get out of the laid back position in my chair because I don't want to expose any other beach-goers to a potential lump, bump, or roll sighting. And honestly, I'm really over it.

As a 35-year-old mom, I'm thinking it's time to retire the triangle tops and scoop bottoms and switch to a sporty tankini, or possibly even a one-piece bathing suit. By making the change this year, I'll look better, I'll feel more confident, and the best part is, I might actually enjoy my time on the beach with my family instead of focusing solely on my exposed skin. I think I feel a major swimwear shopping trip coming on.

You can see more of Rihanna's impressive bikini looks in the video clip below. No wonder she wears them all the time!

What kind of bathing suit are you most comfortable in?


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