Carrie Underwood Loves Spring's Boxy Sweaters -- Do You?

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood is one of the few celebrities who looks gorgeous no matter what she wears -- even if it's one of those boxy, mid-length sweaters most of us were happy to leave behind in the '80s.

Carrie likes the look so much, she's been wearing it quite a bit lately, along with Selena Gomez and other young starlets.

The question I have is:

Will you?

I'll admit, this is a trend I'm inclined to avoid. The last thing I need is a bulky sweater that cuts off at the waist.

However, I did find a few options for those of you who like the trend. Check them out, after the jump ...





Neiman Marcus

This palm tree-festooned beauty by Stella McCartney can be yours for the low, low price of $1,695 at Neiman Marcus. What? You say it's too much for you? Oh well. Let me see what else I can find ...

ASOSThis bright yellow boxy knit sweater (ASOS, $172.80) has a slightly more palatable price tag, and I must admit, I'm sort of digging it with those gingham shorts. I still say this would look horrible on the average woman's figure, though.


AmazonI could totally see Selena G rocking this BCBGeneration boxy sweater (Amazon, $78).


BloomingdalesSince the weather is too warm already for many of us to even think about wearing a boxy sweater, I like this option from C&C (Bloomingdale's, $98).


Forever 21Finally, for the truly cost-conscious, this boxy striped sweater (Forever 21, $17.80) may be just the thing for you.

I'll personally be leaving this look to the 90-pound starlets in Hollywood. How about you?

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Images (top to bottom): D Dipasupil/Getty Images, Neiman Marcus, ASOS, Amazon, Bloomingdale's, Forever 21

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tinyp... tinypossum

This is one of those trends that proves that fashion designers really hate women. 

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Honestly, these are all so unflattering (including the one Carrie Underwood is wearing), I definitely won't be participating in this trend.

Irish... IrishQuinn

I agree with the above comment's.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

They are ugly, and unflattering, forever21 has been a repeat offended at making unflattering clothing lately, which is unfortunate seeing as it was the only place i could shop.

now i just do, phew! no neon colored corks for a shirts on there!

boxy sweaters are gross, infact, its spring, its about being pretty and feminine and light, and its fucking hot, so who in there right mind would wear ANY sweater?

thumbs down to boxy sweaters.

simpl... simplyred2

I haven't worn sweaters for several years, not planning to start now.

Melis... Melissa042807

OMG, I think my mom had that black and white one in the 80's...

Marian Hogan

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