This 'Veep' Draws Style Inspiration From Surprising Source

VeepIn the new HBO series "Veep," Julia Louis-Dreyfus's incarnation of a Vice President appears to channel all sorts of political leading ladies -- from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann to Callista Gingrich.

But the designer for the show tells the New York Times that the primary inspiration for dressing his VP didn't come from any of those ladies.

Instead, he dresses Ms. Louis-Dreyfus with a woman in mind who's not a politician at all ...



Her name? Michelle Obama.

Makes sense, right? I think we can all agree that Mrs. O has the best style of any A-list woman in Washington."Veep" costume designer had this to say on the subject to the New York Times:

“Michelle Obama is the best thing that Washington, D.C., has seen in a long time,” he said, speaking of her well-documented love of fashion and the wide range of designers she has favored over the last three years. “It’s a whole new era at the White House now — it’ll probably be never like that again — and we wanted to make it current. Plus, Julia loves Michelle Obama.”

Clearly, Julia's wardrobe is a little more fashion-forward than that of your average Washington insider -- and for that matter, so is Mrs. Obama's.


However, the First Lady's pretty sundresses and casual sweater sets often are far better suited for the role of politican's wife than actual politician -- It's clear that Ernesto Martinez is taking cues from other female political figures in addition to FLOTUS. Let's take a look:


Hello, Sarah Palin. This look is all her, don't you think?



This dress, however, is very Michelle Obama and it's well played. The bare arm is a Mrs. O staple, and the neckline is perfectly cut so that it doesn't reveal too much.



This "official" Veep photo reminds me most of Michele Bachmann. I don't think Mrs. Obama would ever wear this outfit.


I'm seeing definite echoes of Callista Gingrich in the well-defined swoop of this hairstyle, aren't you? The dress, though, has more of a Mrs. Obama vibe.

VeepThe statement jewelry is a Nancy Pelosi-inspired addition, according to Martinez.

If you like the fictional "Veep's" wardrobe, you're going to have a hard time affording most of it. Martinez tells the New York Times that many of the dresses are by Christian Dior and the suits are from Prada. However, he has thrown in some Tahari separates as well, which are a little more affordable.

What do you think of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's "Veep" wardrobe?


Images via HBO



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