Lindsay Lohan's New Teeth Make Us Miss the Old Ones

lindsay lohanThis is going to come across mean, and I don't really want it to, but I'm very curious what everyone thinks about this photo of Lindsay Lohan. She's on the set of Glee, which is great. She has a job! She's showing up for work! All positive things there. And her hair looks good, too, another check plus. But, come on, is anyone else wondering what is up with her teeth?

We know Lindsay's had a rough go in the dental department before. I mean, they were practically about to fall out right then and there on the red carpet. But this new dentile disaster is on the other end of the spectrum. What is up with those huge, white chompers! Hey Lindsay? Hilary Duff called. She wants her teeth from 2005 back.

I gotta hope that these veneers are temporary and are for some part that she's playing in Glee because the thought of them being here to stay is too much.

Lindsay's style has been turning around these days -- loved that she ditched the blonde wig and has played down her facial enhancements -- so to see her fall off the beauty wagon like this is mildly heartbreaking. Those teeth look like Chiclets. Less is more when it comes to veneers. If you're not careful, you'll come out of the dentist looking like Mr. Ed.

It's one step forward with Lindsay, two sets of dentures back.

Did her teeth stand out to you?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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Stacey. Stacey.

Maybe they are flippers like on toddlers and tiaras LMAO they look awful

Gilmo... GilmoreGirl29

They definitely remind me of the Hilary Duff teeth debacle!

Melis... Melissa042807

I think it's sad how she's altered her appearance. She doesn't even look like herself ay more. I always wonder what's going on in someone's mind that they think they have to do things like that to themselves when they were already attractive. 

jkm89 jkm89

I'd rather her have big ol' clean, white, Mr. Ed teeth, than that meth-head smile she was sporting before.

I miss the old Lindsay. Mean girls Lindsay. Come back Lindsay circa 2004!

nonmember avatar sparklemama

Is that Chip or Dale? Eek!

mytra... mytrailsend

I thought the same about Michelle Rodriguez "Lettie" in The Fast and the Furious think it was two or three. Maybe they have the same dentist lol

Jamie Frank

thats what drugs do to you they fuck up your teeth. especially if all youre craving is sweets and candy. they call it meth mouth for a reason.

Lizzie Gowers

If you thought her old teeth were gross and "about to fall out" (which they clearly weren't), I'd hate to think of what you would have thought of mine before I got them fixed. My old teeth were NASTY and NOT because of drugs (I could only ever be accused of being a stoner, thank you very much), but because I didn't take care of them. When I finally got to have them fixed after 8 years of pain and suffering, I had at least 5 broken down to the gumline and my front teeth were on their way and I had several bouts with abcesses...but I didn't know what they were and didn't realize I could have died from the infections until my dentist looked aghast when I told him of my pain history. I would have much rather had LL's old teeth than my old ones, bar none.

nonmember avatar Dawn

Lemme try to put this nicely... What I think of Lindsay Lohan...

I don't, if I can help it.

nonmember avatar Guest

Lindsey, your teeth were smaller before and this made you look younger. Ever heard of the expression "long in tooth"? Long teeth age a person. Your face was fine before. Stop with all the cosmetic surgery procedures. Get some beauty sleep. That alone will rejuvenate your looks more than anything. It's not called beauty sleep for nothing.

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