Squeaky Clean Taylor Swift Doesn't Need Bigger Breasts (VIDEO)

taylor swiftDespite the fact that her reps are denying it -- some people seem to be convinced that Taylor Swift recently had a boob job. You know, because every time a smaller-busted girl like Tay-Tay steps out looking a little bit fuller, people automatically assume she's fallen victim to Hollywood pressures to look perfect and went under the knife in response.

This photo of her looking like she's got a little more padding up top is what sparked the controversy, and after looking at it a hundred times, I can't understand why anyone thinks she altered the size of her bust. Because it really isn't that much bigger than normal. If she had really gotten a boob job, don't you think she would've gone a little bit larger than that? (Gah!)

Believe it or not, there are these great little inventions called push-up bras that give smaller chested gals like Taylor (and myself) a bit of a lift. And they're a whole lot less expensive and painful than breast implants.


But I guess the question of whether or not she truly had some sort of enhancement done is neither here nor there -- because that's nobody's business but hers.

However, it is important to note that even though she isn't particularly well endowed, Taylor's boobs are perfectly fine just the way they are. She's a tall girl, but she still has a slender and petite frame. Bigger boobs would actually make her look kind of awkward. Whatever particular push-up bra she's wearing under that striped dress is a perfect fit. It gives her just enough extra "oomph" without making her look like she's crying out for attention.

And added attention is definitely not something that Taylor needs. When it comes to household names these days, she's one of the big ones, especially among young girls. What kind of message would it send to them if she went out and got breast implants and smeared her squeaky-clean image to smithereens? (What would Tim Tebow think?)

Here's a video showing some more recent shots of Swift and her cleavage.

Does Taylor look like she got a boob job to you?


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