Lauren Conrad Gets the Pink Hair Trend Right (Unlike Katy Perry)

lauren conradLauren Conrad's fuchsia-tipped ponyPerhaps I'm outdated, but I thought dyeing the tips of your hair pink, ombre-style, was outdated. What do I know? Regardless of whether the trend is currently in style or not, though, one thing's for sure: Lauren Conrad looked absolutely adorable at a book signing this week with a fuschia-tipped ponytail.

Conrad's a bit of a chameleon when it comes to her hair. She's pretty much dyed it every color under the sun -- brown, blue, peach -- and she looks gorgeous no matter what shade it is. But her not-quite-hot-pink ombre look is without question her best look yet. Show of hands, who can guess why?


The contrast of her "punk rock" hair with her super soft and feminine monochromatic outfit was genius. There are few styles I appreciate more in life than something edgy mixed in with something soft. I feel like all of one look, be it girly, preppy, tomboyish, is overkill and can easily get boring. Throwing a curve ball into the overall style is a super easy, super cute way to make it your own.

Picture, if you will, Lauren with her signature long blonde locks with this outfit. Her hair, parted down the middle, with some loose curls on the end. Sure, she'd look pretty, but she'd look like, well, every other pretty starlet in Hollywood. The fuchsia (note fuchsia, not hot pink a la Katy Perry) pony was the perfect way to spice things up. And the best part? It's temporary. So Lauren can go back to her signature tresses in no time.

Do you like the crazy-color-tipped hair look?


Image via Lauren Conrad/Instagram

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