Kate Upton in Stilettos Stuns the World by Throwing a Football (VIDEO)

kate upton throwingYou know that thing where a famous Sports Illustrated model throws around a football in stilettos? Yeah, here's Kate Upton doing that. She appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday with the Giants' Jason Pierre Paul

File this look under: Sh*t Guys Like to Look At. Girl in heels + Football = HAWT.

But I'm not mocking Kate! She's obviously onto something. Take notes, ladies. This is What To Wear when throwing a football. For one thing, stilettos make your legs longer. And for another thing, they kind of lower everyone's expectations for your athletic performance so you can get away with some truly girly throwing. (Kate, I bet you can throw better than that when you'ren not balancing on stilts.) Watch her in action.



WOW, she's throwing a ball wearing high heels! And she's not falling down! She's Wonder Woman! Say the Internets. Here's The Daily Mail slobbering all over Kate Upton: "Some women can conquer the world without mussing up their hair, and Kate Upton is clearly one of them." OMG you guys, really? What's next, "Lady Doctors Save Lives Even When They Wear Long, Dangly Earrings!"

See what I mean? If you wear those shoes while throwing a ball in public you get credit for not falling on your face. Genius. Also, it helps if you look like Kate Upton.

Those are Louboutins, aren't they. I see a flash of red there. I would throw footballs all damn day for those shoes.

I'd also like to point out the rest of Kate's outfit, which is sort of the 19-year-old's version of what the ladies wear on Fox & Friends. Take the tweedy Chanel-ish jacket (maybe it's really Chanel?) and pair it with youngster's black skinny jeans. Well played, Kate.

Have you ever done anything athletic in high heels?


Image via Fox News

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