Nicole Richie Gets Vampy With Weird Fang Earrings

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Nicole RichiThere have been loads of wacky fashion trends lately I'm not exactly on board with. You know, like peplum a la Kate Middleton or initial earrings a la Kim Kardashian. However, that doesn't mean I'm 100 percent opposed. The look that Nicole Richie rocked at last night's NBC Fashion Star event in New York City, though, is one I would sooner die than wear out in public.

No no no, the stripey dress -- I actually really like that. I think that golden color looks great against her skin tone. And the bun? Well, it's uber messy, but I'm pretty cool with that, too.

But come ON. Two words: Fang Earrings. Like, WTF!?

Yup, the 30-year-old mother of one opted to channel her inner vampire last night -- and I've got to be honest, I'm not feeling it at all. Why would any normal woman want to wear a TOOTH on her ear? Every mom knows that's not the place for teeth! Maybe she thought, ya know, because she wasn't rockin' a toothy grin -- she'd head this route. Hell, I'd MUCH rather see fangs on Robert Pattinson ANY DAY.

I don't know, to each her own. As much as I love funky jewelry, these just make me feel super awkward.

What do you think of Nicole's fang studs? Would you wear them?


Image via Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar A

They are just earrings, and they aren't even that weird.

nonmember avatar Dani

I like them, and think they are really cute. I would wear them.

nonmember avatar mykies

Vampires are a Lil

Jscot... Jscott1216

I like them. I think they're cute.

Tiffany Weathers

What's the big deal? They're just earrings. Don't you have better things to write about? Probably not, if you're writing about someone's fashion choice to this, very picky, extent. Quit dude, while you're still ahead.

nonmember avatar JayLynette

Absolutely love them! Wish I had a pair!

nonmember avatar Les

It says "mother of one". Nicole Richie has 2 children. Just thought you would like to know. Anyway, like the earrings. I would wear them, but I do like weird fashions.

doodledo doodledo

The outfit is tiger stripes not ''stripey'' and the fang earring is most likely supposed to be a tiger fang not a vampire fang. Would I wear it? No. But I avoid most animal prints as a general rule.

Dezirae Mcdowell

i think they are cute and on a side note where have you been? she has 2 kids and has for a couple years by now

Lou Ann Warren

I don't see anything weird about them. I think they are cool. You guys seem to be grasping at straws lately to find stuff on here.

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