Nicole Richie Gets Vampy With Weird Fang Earrings

Nicole RichiThere have been loads of wacky fashion trends lately I'm not exactly on board with. You know, like peplum a la Kate Middleton or initial earrings a la Kim Kardashian. However, that doesn't mean I'm 100 percent opposed. The look that Nicole Richie rocked at last night's NBC Fashion Star event in New York City, though, is one I would sooner die than wear out in public.

No no no, the stripey dress -- I actually really like that. I think that golden color looks great against her skin tone. And the bun? Well, it's uber messy, but I'm pretty cool with that, too.

But come ON. Two words: Fang Earrings. Like, WTF!?


Yup, the 30-year-old mother of one opted to channel her inner vampire last night -- and I've got to be honest, I'm not feeling it at all. Why would any normal woman want to wear a TOOTH on her ear? Every mom knows that's not the place for teeth! Maybe she thought, ya know, because she wasn't rockin' a toothy grin -- she'd head this route. Hell, I'd MUCH rather see fangs on Robert Pattinson ANY DAY.

I don't know, to each her own. As much as I love funky jewelry, these just make me feel super awkward.

What do you think of Nicole's fang studs? Would you wear them?


Image via Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

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