Mom Proms Mean Ugly Poofy '80s Dresses Are Baaaack!

80s prom dressIf tulle, bows, and blue eyeshadow are wrong, I don't want to be right. Fashion in the '80s was truly incredible. It's like everyone got together and was like, hey, let's make our shoulders and hair look as big as possible, then, let's top it all off with some neon eyeshadow, mmk? It was a style devolution of epic proportions and some of us aren't really ready to let go. How many '80s theme parties have you gone to? Exactly. A billion. Now, there's a nationally syndicated party that moms everywhere can get behind -- it's called Mom Prom and it's sweeping the nation.

Women are gathering from California to New York to get together in their wildest '80s prom gear to dance, drink, eat, and give money to charity. It sounds hideously awesome.


I wasn't in high school in the '80s, but I damn do I wish I had been. The color teal is, like, my jam. Combine that with some ruffles and some big, chunky earrings and I'd be in heaven. That's why this whole Mom Prom thing sounds really great -- it's an excuse to dress like the '80s child you were, or wish you were, for a great cause.

The only thing better than '80s prom dresses is '80s workout gear. From the headbands to the shimmery pantyhose to the leotards to the belts to the legwarmers to the wristbands, you needed to wear about 65 items of clothing in order to look cool at Jazzercise. I had a little taste of it all when I got my Get in Shape, Girl exercise kit. Pastel purple and pink spandex never looked so good.

Great. Now I'm feeling confusingly nostalgic for a decade I didn't really spend too much time in. I just spent the last 15 minutes looking at '80s prom dresses on Etsy, dreaming about which one I'd buy.

That's the thing about '80s fashion, it takes over your brain with the same intensity that Simple Mind's "Don't You (Forget About Me)" does. Once you start thinking about it, it's going to take days to get out of your head.

Long live the '80s. Don't you, forget about me. Don't, don't, don't, don't.

What is your favorite '80s look?


Photo via soulrust/Etsy

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