Move Over, Beyonce -- Meet the World's Other Most Beautiful Woman (VIDEO)

Take notice, Beyonce. There’s a new most beautiful woman in town. An 18-year-old British girl, Florence Colgate, who works part-time in a fish-n-chips shop, won a contest looking for the world's most "naturally" beautiful woman. "Naturally" meaning a face without makeup or surgical enhancements.

Beauty, apparently, is not in the eye of the beholder. There’s a scientific explanation as to why we’re attracted to certain faces more than others –- it’s because those faces are more symmetrical. There's a whole process here. For example, the length between the eyes and the mouth should be exactly one third of the length between the hairline and the chin. Are you buying this?


As for her beauty secrets, Florence swears by a diet of vegetables and fruit. “Fruit is good for the skin,” she says. And genetics! Hello! No word on whether she indulges in her shop's greasy chips occasionally.

Florence is, no doubt about it, a beautiful girl. But the most perfect face in the world? Well, 8,000 women entered the contest. That’s a lot of women, but not exactly the approximately three billion that make up all the women on the planet. What if Beyonce, whom People just named the world's most beautiful woman, had entered? OMG, what would the judges have done then, huh?

Take a gander:

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What do you think? Is Florence the most jaw-droppingly gorg woman you’ve ever seen?


Image via ABC News

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