Jennifer Aniston Has a 'Leg Up' on Angelina Jolie

jennifer anistonAngelina Jolie may have succeeded in stealing Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, but there are some of Jen's "assets" that she definitely can't compete with -- like her gorgeous body, for example. Don't get me wrong, Angie's thin and beautiful and exotic looking, but Jen's got the whole lean, mean, toned, and tight thing going on, which is a look that plenty of women spend hours in the gym striving for.

And remember how Angie's right leg completely took over the Oscars this year and even got its own Twitter account in the process? Yeah -- Jen nailed that very same leg move long before she did. Celebuzz dug up this great photo of Jen at the 2010 Golden Globes wearing a long, black dress with a slit right up to her hip. Look familiar? It should -- because Angie totally ripped off the same look for the Oscars, whether it was intentional or not.


Take a look at that photo of Jen -- do you believe how incredible her stems are? She's got exactly the right balance of muscle and femininity -- and she always has the perfect tan to show off her toned form.

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And just to refresh your memory, here's Angelina's famous leg-baring shot from the Oscar's red carpet. (Warning -- you may want to put on your sunglasses before taking a peek.)

angelina jolie

Yikes! I'm sorry -- but I can't help but cringe a little bit every time I see that photo. Her leg just looks so incredibly out of place, and she looks strange and uncomfortable. And don't even get me started on her blinding pastiness. A little dab of bronzer here and there really would've done wonders for her style that night. OMG. Even pantyhose would've made an improvement.

As far as the battle of the legs go, Aniston is the winner, hands down. Some aspects of her personal life are out of her control, but when it comes to her gorgeous physique, Jen will always come out on top. I guess she can take comfort in the fact that her stunning legs are one thing that Angie can never steal from her. 

Who do you think has the better set of legs? Angie or Jen?


Images via Kevin Winter/Ethan Miller/Getty

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