Barack Obama Has a Dirty Little Shopping Secret (VIDEO)

Barack Obama Yogurt

You know why I like Barack Obama? Well aside from the fact that he probably has one of the best smiles EVER, he's got a good personality. The man gets yogurt spilled on him by a University of Colorado sorority girl yesterday morning, and he laughs it off. Then later in the day, I watch the Prez on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and he makes possibly the best confession ever.

No no no, it's nothing sexually charged a la Weinergate. It's better. After Fallon pulled out a fro-tastic picture of the President from his college days (seen above), Barack confessed that the jacket he was wearing was most likely from Goodwill.

HE THRIFTS?! A man with a downright dirty past after my own heart!


I started thrifting back in college, just like Barack. To be honest -- I mostly went to our local store to look for wacky ensembles for ridiculous theme parties. Because really, what better place is there to find an '80s-style shirt that you're gonna wear once? Answer: Nowhere.

These days, though, I can't get enough of it. There's an excellent small shop near my apartment that touts all sorts of amazing accessories. My favorite part? These are all items that are unique. Sure, someone somewhere might have the same thing ... but for now, it's mine and mine only.

So heck yes, Obama. One more fun thing that you and I see eye to eye on. Watch Jimmy Fallon talk to the President (or as he likes to call him "The Preezy of the United Steezy") on last night's Late Night, here:

What did you think of Obama's college look? Are you a fan of thrifting?


Image via NBC

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