Beyonce Crowned 'Most Beautiful Woman' and Has Blue Ivy to Thank (VIDEO)

beyoncePeople magazine revealed the identity of the lady they chose as their 2012 World's Most Beautiful Woman, and I don't think anyone will be shocked to hear that Beyonce took home the highly coveted title. I mean, Bey's seriously got it goin' on -- and she practically oozes raw attractiveness, sex appeal, and confidence. And those three things are pretty much the trifecta of beauty.

But Beyonce had one very desirable quality going for her that really stood out and gave her a leg up on the competition. In fact, this particular aspect of her beauty made her a shoo-in to win.


Yes -- of course I'm talking about the unmistakable motherly glow she's been sporting ever since welcoming daughter Blue Ivy back in January! She looks absolutely radiant, and she has her perfect little bundle of joy to thank for bringing out her inner beauty even further.

And Bey's new "light" is so powerful, that even she admits to feeling different since baby Blue arrived. She told People:

I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.

As a mother, I definitely agree with her on the whole "purpose in life" thing, but I can't lie -- it took me much longer than a few months to feel beautiful after having my son. It was until he was almost a year old that I really started to feel and look like my old self again and started to appreciate the changes in my appearance after giving birth.

But once I got to that point, I definitely started feeling empowered and beautiful because of what my body had gone through, and because I was filled with a new kind of love that I'd never known before. And I think that's where the glow comes into play. A mother's love for her child is so intense -- it actually manifests itself physically. And that kind of love only grows and gets even stronger as time passes. Even if Beyonce doesn't make the People cover again next year -- she'll always feel like the most beautiful woman in the world with Blue by her side.

You can hear more about Bey's new title in the video clip below.

Did you experience new feelings of beauty after giving birth?

Image via People

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