Pauly D Either Had Plastic Surgery or He’s Really Hung Over (VIDEO)

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pauly dThe ninth season launch of Rehab Sundays in Las Vegas took place last weekend with celebrities in attendance -- including everyone's favorite DJ, Pauly D from Jersey Shore. Or at least we're pretty sure it was Pauly D who walked the red carpet that night.

Doesn't he look sort of strange in this photo? If it weren't for his signature Bart Simpson hair, we'd hardly recognize him. Because something weird is definitely going on with his face. Is it possible that he actually resorted to having a little work done? (Say it isn't so!)

Pauly's odd, puffed up look only has a few possible explanations. Either he really overdid it on the alcohol the night before, making him extremely bloated & hungover, or he fell asleep in the tanning bed and burned the skin around his eyes and cheeks. And if neither of those things occurred, then we have to assume that he had some sort of filler injected into his face, or he treated himself to a little plastic surgery.

But why on earth would he feel the need to resort to such drastic measures? Doesn't he realize that men who get plastic surgery usually wind up looking really strange? OMG. I seriously want to give him a fist pump right in the head for not watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians before making the decision to go under the knife (if that's what he did). Hasn't he ever seen Bruce Jenner? (Scary!)

Hopefully the next time Pauly makes an appearance, he will be back to his old, puppy-dog eyed self again, proving that his beefed up appearance was the result of overindulgence of one kind or another. It would be such a shame if he truly altered his adorable face for good!

Check out this video of Pauly D taken a few weeks ago -- as you'll see, his looks don't need any help!

Do you think men tend to look worse than women do after having plastic surgery?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Christie

I would bet $$ that he overdid-it in the tanning bed and the night before...

He's too conceited to think he needs work...and look at him!! He doesn't

Adriana Pezzuto

Love your blog, hopefully one day I will be close to being as great as you are at blogging. Any feedback would so be appreciated! Thank you, thank you thank you :)

jasmi... jasmineg86

he looks bloated, hungover and suffering from a sunglass burn (that area right under your glasses that gets too much sun when your lenses are reflective) - all pretty normal occurances in vegas, right?

if that is surgery- he needs a refund.

Michelle Fowler

funny,, I completely read that title wrong, I read "

Pauly D Either Had Plastic Surgery or He’s Really Hung"  LOL

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

@michelle - I doubt both :-p  lol

ThatT... ThatTattooedMom

Shameless self plugging is trashy @ Adriana

nonmember avatar LL

He's obviously on steroids! Steroids make your face bloated in addition to bulked up muscles.

nonmember avatar Floatmeaway

Unfortunately it to me looks like steroids. I know many people that have taken roids. One who passed away! I hope I'm wrong!!! It is addictive!! Hope I'm wrong!! But, it takes a while to get that big naturally.

nonmember avatar j

Hes on juice idiots.. Surprised the writer doesn't realize it. Steroids makes your face bloated

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