Namesake Jewelry Cooler Than Kim K’s Kanye Earrings (PHOTOS)

initial necklaceIt was like the shot heard round the world, except that instead of a bullet, there were initial earrings, and instead of an Archduke, it was Hollywood royalty. I'm talking about Kim Kardashian's studs, of course. The reality star wore "KW" earrings recently to signify her love of Kanye West, er something, and everyone's talking about it. I agree with you, it's sort of bizarrely cagey to wear something like that when you just scammed America into thinking you loved KH, but we'll let that anger go for a quick second and focus, instead, on the earrings in and of themselves.

If you ignore their "significance", they're super cute. I love monogram or initial jewelry, and like everyone else, I went out and bought myself a "Lindsay" necklace after Carrie wore hers on Sex and the City. Best part? It's still wearable 10 years later. Moniker baubles are always in style, so let's take a look at the 10 best pieces out there, shall we?

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