Kristen Stewart’s Sexy Short Shorts & Tight Shirt Make Us Miss the '80s

kristen stewartMy days of music festivals are long over. Now, I much prefer looking at photos of celebrities at music festivals as opposed to, you know, using vomit-infested Porta Potties, having mascara run down my face, and subsisting on warm beer for days on end. Yep, celeb photos are where it's at for me. Especially since they've gotten way more interesting in recent years -- ever since everyone hopped on the hipster train. Looking like hot disheveled mess who's wearing "this ol' thing" is an art now. Case in point: Kristen Stewart and her totally '80s, totally trashy (in a good way) outfit at Coachella. You guys, it's amazing.

Stewart donned a pair of ridiculously short shorts (we're talking Rihanna short here), a cropped bustier, a cropped tank over said cropped bustier, black sneakers, and a black Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. And as ridiculously '80s as her getup was, she looked really cute. And best of all, she looked different from every other celeb at the music festival.

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I kind of feel like every starlet sort of dresses the same at Coachella every year. They all wind up wearing a bohemian, hippie-ish type of outfit that doesn't look like they spent nine years picking it out (but they obviously did); they all show skin; and they all have loose flowing locks (read: extensions) that are often accompanied by some sort of adornment (feathers, a headband, etc.).

Kristen looks cute in her outfit, definitely trendy, but genuinely comfortable in it. She looks like she's at Coachella to have fun and see music, as opposed to just being there to be seen. It's definitely not an outfit she should wear every day, but for Coachella, it's perfect. Nice choice, girl.

Do you like Kristen's outfit?

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Lisa Brewster

She looked comfortable and at ease, so i say thats all that matters. At least her butt was not hanging out the bottom of her shorts.

Debra Rivera

Absolutely LOVE her! and love her style. I grew up in the 80's-90's & she is my kind of chick..awesome. :)

JeffJeff Newberry

I don't see why her shorts are news? Whoever wrote this is obvious old enough to not have been in high school in the past two decades or have children who are in the middle-to-high school range.

Her shorts are long, by comparison.

Not to mention, she's a terrible actress? Why not focus on something important? Or is this just the sad side of the news room that you got stuck with?

nonmember avatar Ross Hoodies

I like short shorts as I find it to be very cute and sexy. Kristen Stewart's outfit is fine with me except for her top. If it was me I would have just have worn a tube or a casual shirt. However, Kristen can pull the 80's look off and she looks like the sweet, cute girl next door. Sometimes, simplicity is the best as Kristen didn't over do her outfit.

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