Emma Roberts Pulls a Courtney Robertson With Bare Beaded Top (VIDEO)

emma robertsCoachella is the gift that keeps on giving. The outdoor music festival in the California desert attracts music lovers and hipsters alike, each looking to dance their face off to their favorite band while dressed like a dissembled flower child crossed with a reluctant rock star. Emma Roberts was no exception. Her Coachella outfit was so Coachella that it might be on the poster next year.

Emma, the budding young 20-year-old actress and niece to Julia Roberts, may have looked a little ridiculous in her fringe top (can we even call it a top?), cut-off and unzipped jean shorts, sunglasses that may or may not serve an amuarotic function, and white sneakers with pink socks, but in context to the concert? She looks great.


If ever there was a time and a place to let your inner 5-year-old dress yourself, it's Coachella. It takes a lot to stand out there, style-wise, and people do their best to wear as little clothing possible in the craziest way possible.

I mean, take Joe Jonas. All he basically wore was his underwear and a fedora.

Emma's Tropicana look reminds me of the outfit Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson wore when she, Ben, and her fellow contestants went to Puerto Rico. Shake shake shake. One wrong (or right?) move and a boob's popping out. Might be more appropriate at Coachella than on reality TV, but it's hard to say.

Soon Emma will go back to being the fashionable young starlet we all know her as and this festival get-up will be long forgotten until next year, when Emma will pull this miniature beaded-curtain of a shirt out of her closet, ask herself what she was thinking, then decide that Coachella 2013's outfit is going to be made of strips of strategically placed straw. 

Do you think Coachella-goers are excused for all their crimes against fashion?

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Photo via Pacific Coast News

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