Surprising Poll Reveals How Much Makeup Women Really Wear


makeupAll this talk about tanning mom has got me thinking about beauty products. Let's put aside whether or not Patricia Krentcil let her child tan with her for a moment and focus on the mom. She seems to have a distorted view of what looks good on her because she is a little too tan, with way too much bronzer. But I get where she is. I do. I once had a high hair issue back in the 80s/early 90s and if my hair was flat I thought I looked terrible. That wasn't true -- in fact the opposite was true. But we've all been there -- thinking something looked good that really didn't. Over-doing it.

Which is why I was very happy and yet somewhat surprised to learn the results of a recent survey about how much makeup women really wear.

We don't all hide behind our makeup. In fact, according to Bella Sugar's poll, 15 percent of their readers (which is a beauty site) don't really wear makeup all that often at all. Fifty-nine percent even leave the house without makeup on once in a while.

I find this refreshing. And sort of shocking. I'm a makeup girl and while there may be days that it looks like I'm not wearing much, it's extremely rare I'm out and about without at least my Bare Escentuals mineral powder and some mascara. The poll revealed that 37 percent felt mascara was the item they can't live without, with concealer coming second at 34 percent of the vote.

I also love my lip shimmer. To be honest, I just feel unattractive without some bit of makeup on -- for myself. Plus, the powder does help calm my oily skin, so I just feel better about myself (and my oil) because of it.

A lot depends on your skin type, and of course there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup -- it's fun, plays up your features, and if it makes you happy .... But when it becomes an obsession, something you overdo and fail to realize you are overdoing it, then it goes beyond the physical. As in tanning mom's case.

So while the days of my insanely big hair are gone (phew!), I'm still going to hold on to my powder, little bit of mascara, and lip shimmer. I'm just not ready to face the world without it. And our Makeup Free Friday series just makes me realize that even just a little makeup could give you a needed boost.

What do you think of the makeup poll results? How much makeup do you wear on a daily basis? Do you ever go makeup free? What's the one item you can't live without?


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Stacey. Stacey.

The only time I am makeup free is when Im at home all day or not feeling well. Otherwise, i at least have eye liner, concealer, and some sort of lip color. I love makeup though, even though I dont wear a ton at once I have a ton of it. For me its fun to put on and change up your look without doing anything permanent.

jonellg jonellg

I go above and beyond to wear as little as possible, less always looks better than more

doubl... doubledsmommy

I don't like to go anywhere without eyeliner. I have this ridiculous habit of playing with my eyelashes, so they get very thin. One time I went out to Dunkin Donuts without my eyeliner and the lady who sees me everyday told me my eyes looked small. So, until I learn how to break my habit, eyeliner will be part of my daily routine.

pflip pflip

I only use mascara on a daily basis. Nothing else. If I'm going out then I'll use some eyeshadows, bronzer etc.. but I keep it very minimal even then.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I almost never wear make up. Ill wear it if im going out on the town with adults if i remember ha.... make up makes me break out and im a sahm mom who is home about 80 percent of the time. Who do i need to impress? If i worked id def wear make up even if just powder and eye liner. I miss it some times but now when i wear it it truly does bring out my features instead of me wearing it all the time and it just covering me up. My kids always notice if i put on alittle make up :)and makes me feel good.

the4m... the4mutts

I ONLY wear makeup for "date night" type occasions, and those only happen once every month or so.

I'm pretty. I have clear skin, and I look very young for my age. Makeup is a non-essential. I could live the rest of my life without it.

My essential is hair dye. I change my color constantly


I haven't worn makeup since I was a teenager and even then I can count on both hands how many times I wore it. I just turned 30.

nonmember avatar Amanda v

I have only worn makeup once or twice in the last few years. I don't even own any that isn't at least 5 years old (ewww, I know). Makeup is a major splurge for me. I work a job that involves too much sweating to bother and I don't get to go out often.

A while back, I did bust out my makeup case and do my face only to discover my skin tone has changed and I looked ridiculous. Washed my face and just wore mascara and a little shadow. Ugh! Kinda ruined my night out.


I wear make up daily. I don't wear alot and it's usually all gone by 10am, but I shower, put on makeup and fix my hair everyday whether I'm leaving the house or not (I'm a SAHM)-- Im just someone that gets dressed for my day.

MsRkg MsRkg

My husband loves it more when I don't wear any , but years of habit and an overbearing very old fashioned grandmother, who believes its improper for a woman to go outside "without her face on", has me used to wearing at the very minimum or when I'm rushing somewhere,eyeliner, mascara, and either lip/stick or lip gloss. Usually though if I have more time I'll slap on some brozer and eye shadow, depending on where I'm going. I'm really blessed though to have flawless skin despite the makeup I put on,I think its because I shell out the money for higher priced more natural mineral based make-up.

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