Shirtless Joe Jonas Looks Hot but Should Lose the Feather in His Cap

joe jonasHe's a modern Yankee Doodle Dandy. Joe Jonas, the formerish teen dream and member of the Jonas Brothers, was spotted at Coachella last week wearing a feather in his cap -- the 22-year-old singer rocked a fedora with some plumage as he left the David Guetta concert. Hard to notice that small accessory, though, when Joe's shirtless, right? Hello, Joe! Clearly someone's been working on their fitness behind everyone's back. Would it be fair to say that Joe's abs are the fourth Jonas brother? If you ask me? Definitely.

In honor of all of our former crushes on the floppy-haired middle brother, let's dissect his look, shall we?

The hat. Kind of awesome. A little bit Justin Timberlake, a little bit Jason Mraz, Joe's a little late to the fedora trend, but we'll forgive him. He looks good! (The feather does need to go, though.)

The beard. Kind of incredible. A little bit Gerard Butler, a little bit Russell Brand, Joey pulls facial hair off like a champion. Kudos, my friend. Kudos.

The necklace. Kind of terrible. A little bit Rastafarian, a little bit Ashley Tisdale, I would like to rip this off his neck and maybe choke him with it. Play-choke, not choke-choke, but yes, I'd like to punish him for this mistake.

The shirtlessness. Kind of the best thing about Coachella. A little bit Zac Efron, a little bit my trainer at the gym, his body is a welcome surprise. I mean, WHO KNEW he had a man's body underneath those boy band outfits?

The underwear. Kind of classic. A little bit Marky Mark, a little bit Antonio Sabato Jr., a little Calvin Klein peeking out of a guy's waistband is never a bad thing.

The jeans. Kind of ... whatever. They're jeans. End of story.

Overall, Joe Jonas is the epitome of Coachella's dissembled style and I like it. Hats off!

Do you like Joe Jonas' look?


Photo via samborowski/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Barb

Cute article, but the accompanying photo is from 2009 when Joe had amazingly wonderful hair and shaved - a true teen dream. He's adorable any time, even with the scruffy beard, but can't help miss those days when he had long hair and we could actually see his face. I love this photo and really like your article - except the strangling part - Joe looks great in any necklace.

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