Latest 'Real-Life Barbie Doll' Is the Scariest Yet (VIDEOS)

valeria lukyanova
Valeria Lukyanova, the latest
Meet Valeria Lukyanova. She's a 21-year-old who is reportedly the most popular person on the Russian-speaking Internet ... thanks to just one thing: She appears to look like the real-life version of Barbie -- complete with long blonde hair, flawless skin, vacant blue eyes, itty-bitty waist, and big breasts. She's made herself known mostly through a treasure trove of thousands of photos of herself looking like the world famous plastic doll. But major side note: There's a ton of speculation that the pics are heavily PhotoShopped. Still, wow, is she deserving of thousands of followers and admirers or what?! (Yes, that statement was laced with a hefty dose of sarcasm.)

I would hope that we've seen this desperate ploy for attention far too many times before to really fall for it again (at least over here in the States).


Remember the "Human Barbie" who gave her 7-year-old a liposuction voucher? Yeah, psycho! Or this woman from the UK who spent tens of thousands of pounds on plastic surgery to become a Barbie lookalike? It's like these nut bags are flying off the viral factory line at an even more frenetic pace as of late. And it's more than a little worrisome. 

One of the worst parts, though, is that we continue to buy into this age-old trick. Even if we're just hopping on the chatter bandwagon to talk about what a freakshow one of these Barbie wannabes is, we're still catering to her plea for attention. It's like how Octomom continues to dominate tabloid coverlines.

Guess we're way too often fascinated by total trainwrecks. And PhotoShop or not, that's all one of these real-life Barbies is. Someone who has molded themselves -- either via computer software or plastic surgery -- to look like a fake plastic doll is anything but a dream come true. If there's one thing worth saying about someone like Valeria, it's that the poor girl seems to be living a nightmare.

Here's a creepy video of Valeria without makeup ...

And another news report video making the rounds that seems to conclude -- with the use of Sims-like animation -- that Valeria owes her figure to plastic surgery.

How freaky -- and sad! -- is this?

Image via NMATV/YouTube

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