Giuliana Rancic Delivered Happy Baby News Looking Positively Radiant (VIDEO)

giuliana rancic

Even though I'm always happy for celebs when they announce their pregnancies, today I was over-the-moon excited for Guiliana & Bill Rancic after they went on Today and told the world that they are finally expecting a baby! No one deserves a child more than these two, and they were both beaming while talking about the upcoming arrival of their little one, who will be born via a gestational carrier and is due this summer.

And of course, being the fashionista that she is, Giuliana chose a trendy, sunshine-inspired look to perfectly complement her pregnancy news. Honestly -- who would expect anything less from an E! host?


The new bright, primary colors trend is a difficult one to pull off, but Giuliana did it flawlessly. The eye-popping shade of yellow paired perfectly with her tan skin and dark hair, and her red belt added just the right amount of contrast. And don't you love how it matched Ann Curry's dress? Leave it to Giuliana to have all her style bases covered.

She always looks so put together and finds the perfect look for every occasion, even after all the struggles she's been through. And since Giuliana has shared so much of her life on TV -- we can only hope that her newest addition will make a future live appearance as well. I'm already eager to see what she wears for her baby's big debut!

You can catch a better glimpse of Giuliana's winning look in the video clip below, and also hear more of her exciting news.

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Have you tried the primary color trend yet?

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Image via MSNBC

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