LeAnn Rimes’ Awesome Anniversary Ring Is the Size of Her Head

leann rimesLeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Yay. I know. Everyone's so excited for them. Woo. LeAnn tweeted a photo of the gift her husband gave her, and while no one really cares (right?), the present raises a good point. Eddie gave LeAnn a unique ring to mark their first year of marriage, and I like. Sometimes we think that jewelry has to be traditional, or heirloom, but it really doesn't. I'm a fan of original jewelry, especially when it comes to engagement, bridal, or anniversary gifts. Even though I'm generally, as a rule of thumb, not a fan of anything that LeAnn and Eddie do, I'm impressed with their taste in avant-garde bling. Sometimes an emerald-cut center stone with smaller baguettes gets a little played, you know?


Especially in Hollywood. It's all giant, giant, giant, giant, giant, and even gianter diamonds over and over again. Even Angelina's ring was classic. It has a decidedly vintage feel, but it's not really out of the box. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not turning my nose up at it, I'd die for that ring, but I have a passion for anti-traditional jewelry for very traditional moments.

LeAnn's ring is, simply put, awesome. She's going to have it forever, remember it forever, and try and make Brandi Glanville jealous of it forever. It's something her daughter (if she ever has one) will cherish when she passes it down -- it'll be cool to say that her mom once wore this honking thing.

We don't always have to be so uptight when it comes to baubles. Precious stones and professional cuts will always have their place, but I think interesting jewelry is a great way to exhibit some individual style. You spend all this time making your wedding or your anniversary party unique to you -- why not do the same with your commemorative jewelry? Go for it!

Do you like to keep your jewelry more traditional or wear things that are a bit out of the box?

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Photo via leannrimes/Twitter

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