Is This Really Kate Winslet?

Kate WinsletAs I was flipping through the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, I was struck by this Lancome ad. The woman looked so familiar. Almost like Kate Winslet. But of course, it couldn't be Kate Winslet. Kate Winslet doesn't look like this! This was just someone who resembled Kate.

Curious about the identity of this Kateposter, I looked at the ad's caption and read the words ...



Yes, folks. In yet another example of overly airbrushed advertisements, Kate Winslet's face has been altered to the point that it now looks like someone who looks a lot like Kate Winslet.

The Lancome ad immediately brought another ad campaign to mind:

Demi Moore

Remember when this overly-airbrushed replica of Demi Moore appeared in Ann Taylor ads? Somehow, the editors managed to edit the Demi out of Demi Moore, leaving this expressionless wax figure in her place.

This must be a new trend in the advertising industry. Hire an actress to be your spokesmodel, then airbrush her to the point where she's unrecognizable.

BOOM. Tons of people will write blog posts about your brand! EVERYBODY WINS.

What do you think of these ads?


Images via Lancome, Ann Taylor

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