Katy Perry's Nip Slip Could Easily Have Been Avoided


katy perryI don't know, you guys. Katy Perry's kind of been acting a hot mess lately -- and her latest wardrobe malfunction really isn't helping her image. The pop star recently showed up to the ASCAP POP Music Awards in a gorgeous, sophisticated Temperly London gown -- one we normally wouldn't associate with Perry's quirky, edgy, sometimes downright ridiculous style. And she looked amazing! Blue hair and all! But ... it was only a matter of time before she, you know, practically bared her nipples to the world. Dang it, Katy, you were so close.

While she stood on the red carpet, posing for photogs, one of the straps, as you can see, slipped off her shoulder and Perry came precariously close to pulling a Tara Reid. (Some are saying that you can actually see the top of Perry's nipple in the photo, but, I don't know -- I'm kind of on the fence.)

Look, wardrobe snafus happen. I know that. You know that. Anybody who's ever picked up an Us Weekly knows that. But something about Katy's is different. It's almost as if it happened for a reason. It's like the universe (and Katy) is telling us that some people just aren't meant for fancy-shmancy clothes. And that's all right.

If Katy was wearing something more casual, more out there, and a strap fell down, I feel like this little mishap wouldn't have been so glaring. It'd just be, like, "Look at this crazy thing that happening to a crazy rocker! Whatevs!" But the fact that Perry was all dolled up and looking sort of uncomfortable while this happened, well, I kinda feel like it's proof that she should just stick to her wacky, one-of-a-kind outfits. I mean, isn't that part of the reason we love her?

Do you like Katy in this dress, or do you prefer her in crazy get-ups?

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Image via John M. Heller/Getty

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mama_... mama_bear77

i honestly love her songs i she looks good in the dress, i mean her boob almost peeking part probably could have been avoided but hey shes a grown single women she can do whatever she wants

nonmember avatar genna

Katy Perry's boobs just seen to get bigger and bigger XD they seem unnatural.

Artxu... Artxuleta


jodie... jodieharp

It seems like she very well could have known that it was happening.  I tend to be aware when a strap is falling down or you know, my nipples are out in the open air.  :p

RoxyL... RoxyLynn4

Oh come on now, do you know how easy it is for a strap like that to slip? Or, how a photo could be snapped in no time? Especially when these particular photographers are quite trigger happy and continuously press that button just hoping they'll get a slip up? She couldn't have avoided it.

Otto von Glükken

OMG!! A beautiful woman's nipple was almost exposed to a pathetically puritan, fearful, narrow-minded, ignorant society!!! OH-- THE HORROR!!!

Peter Butch

What's the matter with you people?  They are only nipples

Katy Marie Wohlleber

the "fallen" strap is really tight on her arm, dontcha think?

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