My Big Mom Bag Wasn't My Kids' Fault

mom bagSusan Wagner is a mom who believes workout clothes are for working out and “casual Friday” will be the downfall of Western civilization. In other words? She doesn't dress like one of "those moms." And she helps the rest of us avoid the mom jeans trap with her writings on her blog The Working Closet.

She's here to help us celebrate Mother's Day with a look at the day she gave up the big bag full of her kids' stuff and her own:

I’ve always been a big bag kind of girl; even before I had kids, I hauled around a gigantic handbag full of I don’t know what. It was all super important, though, and I needed all of it with me all of the time.

I’m over that.


A few weeks back, I went to Chicago for a couple of days; I took my messenger bag, because I had my laptop with me, but I also threw in a smaller clutch, because I didn’t want to drag the big bag to dinner. I put my wallet and my phone and a lip gloss and some tissues in the little bag and tucked in into the big bag. Perfect.

But then I came home and a funny thing happened: I didn’t go back to my big bag, I just kept carrying the clutch. Everywhere. And I haven’t missed any of the stuff that was in my big bag one bit.

I realize that some of my ability to carry a clutch as my day bag rests on the fact that my boys are old enough that they no longer need diapers or sippy cups or five superhero action figures on hand at all times. But for the past couple of years, most of the stuff in the big bag has been mine, not theirs; for me, this was a paring down of what I need to get through the day, not an adjustment of what my kids need.

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Could you carry a clutch for day? Do you keep things in your bag just in case? Or are you a handbag minimalist?

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