R&B Singer Ashanti Is Back! And She Looks Ridiculous!

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ashantiAh, Ashanti. Who remembers blasting "What's Luv" featuring her and Fat Joe in the minivan your mom let you borrow for the night? Good times. Ashanti was a staple on the R&B pop scene back in the early 2000s -- with hits like "Foolish" and "Always on Time" with Ja Rule, you couldn't escape her smooth touch. Then? Then she sort of uh ... disappeared. It was like we turned around and then were like, "Hey! Where'd Ashanti go?" Then we shrugged and continued our slow decent into old age.

But guess who's back. Kind of. Ashanti has a new album out called Braveheart, and to promote it, she sang a song on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Then to get attention, she wore this. And she did a little twirl for photogs and she showed off everything she was working with.

What should we call this thing? A sheer bodysuit seems to give it too much credit, don't you think? Paired with those white slippers (guess she got tired in those high heels), this fashion fail takes on a whole new level of hideous. I will say, however, that I am loving her black and red ombre hair. That looks slammin'.

As Rihanna and Courtney Stodden know so well, clothes, or lack thereof, are a surefire way to get attention. Thing is, Rihanna and Ashanti are too talented to stoop to this level (Courtney definitely isn't) and it's too bad Ashanti's coming back on the scene in such a terrible outfit. It's just so wrong.

But her black jumpsuit and brown hat in "Foolish"? So, so right.

What do you think of Ashanti's sheer look?

And because, why not:


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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Torra... TorranceMom

Damn! She's got some thighs! She needs to get another hair stylist - that's the worst Ombré I've ever seen.

nonmember avatar H

Lil Kim?

Fondue Fondue

Her stylist should be fired.  Or if she doesn't have one, she needs one.

Stephanie Loving

"our DECENT into old age"? Descent. Do you spellcheck your blog?

Water... Water_geM

thats damned hideous....

jasmi... jasmineg86

she does need a new stylist. this is the second time i've seen her looking a trashy mess in the last few weeks. is june not available?!

-Stra... -Strawberry-

She used to look so cute. How sad.

nonmember avatar d

Came to also say it's DESCENT. Not decent.

Iam Nina G


Well, in her defense--and, not that I would be caught dead in that outfit--but the pic shows her with her slippers on and not the shoes that she wore with the outfit, it could've been ok. Secondly; ashanti can barely hold a tune,the music that she sold back in tha days, was bcuz jah was on and/or some other collab. but i don't know about a second "breakout" album..just keep playing the cute thing and chillin with nellie, or do some acting you'll do nicely :)

there... theresaphilly

She used to be so beautiful ...What happened? 

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