Earth Day in Hollywood: 5 ‘Dirty Hippie’ Celebrities (PHOTOS)

nicole richieHappy Earth Day! It's coming up on April 22, so I hope you're reading this in some eco-conscious clothes or eating out of eco-conscious take-out containers or reading this on some energy-conserving computer screen, or, you know, something like that. Being Earth-friendly is getting easier and easier thanks to corporations who sell green products; point is, you no longer have to look like a dirty hippie in order to be one.

That said, if you like to dress a little earthy and happen to love the smell of patchouli, then here are 5 celebs with dirty hippie style that you can take some notes from.


Remember when Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan all dressed like hippies thanks to stylist Rachel Zoe? Those were the days of forehead headbands and endless maxi dresses. Nicole held on to that sense of style more than the other two and continues to look like one haute hippie.




matthew mccauneghey

Matthew McConaughey is about as dirty as they come, in the sexiest way possible. He always looks unshowered (he saves on water!), he lives in an AirStream trailer (minimalist!), and his clothes look second-hand (recycler!).

sienna miller

Sienna Miller loves her some floral prints, some middle parts, and some hoops. Her hippie style is lovely and chic.

vanessa hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is the youngest dirty hippie on the list, but that doesn't mean she's not committed. She pairs her old tees and messy hair with Chanel, but don't get it twisted, Vanessa is a flower child at heart.

mischa barton

Mischa Barton loves to look all kinds of Earthy. When she's not wearing high-waisted shorts and peasant shirts, she's got on a flower headdress and artisan shoes.

I wouldn't mind toasting a green veggie juice with any one of these celeb hippies -- love their style as much as I love their lack of hygiene.

Do you like the haute hippie look?

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Photos via Pacific Coast News; WDPG Share/Flickr; maggiejumps/Flickr; Ashley Cooper/Flickr; hugo971/Flickr

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