Amazing Makeup Artist Can Transform Herself Into Anyone (PHOTOS)

Promise Tamang PhanThe day I finally adhered false eyelashes to my own (after months of sporadic efforts) was huge. I suck at makeup. Always have. I can decoupage most under the table, but a smoky eye I'm yet to perfect. When I meet people unlike me, people who really know their way around a MAC counter, I'm in awe of them. And completely jealous. Enhancing one's face with a couple of strokes of a brush and some tinted moisturizer is an art. An art, again, that I'm simply not blessed with. So, when I saw what makeup artist Promise Tamang Phan was capable of doing, I was completely and totally floored. Bible? I've never seen anything like this. She doesn't just enhance her features, she literally transforms herself into totally different people (read: celebrities).

Check out a few of Promise's looks. Your mind will be blown.


 Promise Tamang Phan angelina jolie

Promise as Angelina Jolie.

Promise Tamang Phan adriana lima

 Promise as Victoria's Secret Angel, Adriana Lima.

Promise Tamang Phan Nicki Minaj

 Promise as Nicki Minaj.

Promise Tamang Phan scarlett johansson

Promise as Scarlett Johansson.

Promise Tamang Phan neytiri avatar

Promise as Neytiri from Avatar.

Pretty impressive, no? I mean, Promise doesn't look like herself in any of these stills. She literally turns herself into someone else. I can't begin to imagine doing something like this -- even with the tutorials. I'd just be happy with a smoky eye. Dang.

How cool is this? Do you think you could do this?

Images via dope2111/dope 2111/dope2111/dope2111/dope2111/YouTube

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