Amanda Seyfried Dominates Katy Perry in Leather Jacket Battle

amanda seyfriedTwin-sies! Or perhaps, more apropos, awk-ward! Katy Perry and Amanda Seyfried were both seen out and about in the same black leather AllSaints "Walker" jacket, and I hate to break it to my girl Katy, but Amanda killed it in her version of the look. Katy ... looked more like she was wearing a costume. Anybody have any guesses why?


Katy's outfit is just too much of a "look," you know what I mean? I get that the singer doesn't follow fashion trends, marches to the beat of her own drummer, wears things the way she wants to wear them, etc. -- and I totally respect that! -- but I'm just saying, in my opinion, Katy looks a little bit like she's on her way to an '80s/CBGB party in the photo. The leather jacket, the leather pants, the blue hair. It's too many trends in one. If Katy dressed like this all the time -- bikerish -- that'd be one thing. But she's kind of wearing it like, well, a costume.

Amanda, on the other hand, werked it in her leather jacket. She looks like the perfect combination of laid-back and edgy. She looks like she woke up and threw this super fashionable situation on -- total "model off duty" -- as opposed to it meticulously being hand-picked by a stylist, like it most likely was.

So, sorry, Katy, you've been bested. This time, at least the good news is you own one hell of a leather jacket -- the possibilities for it are endless.


Image via Pacific Coast News

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